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Yay, the first day of autumn is on my birthday again this year!

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UH decides to make Religious Studies a major (it used to only be a minor) when I’m in my third year of college already. Gee thanks.

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I wanna go buy some moon cakes.

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Still much regret for not keeping the gintae URL. UGH.

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I just preordered The Sims 4. It was bound to happen.

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The question is whether or not I should buy The Sims 4… because I should really focus more this semester. Hah.

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The kind gentleman who worked the McDonald’s drive through window today gave us a lot of napkins (and I do mean a lot) and filled An Vui’s ice cream cone abundantly. He’s nice. God bless his soul!

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Labor day weekend starts for me after this A&P lab from 11:30am-2:30pm. I will need to catch up in all those readings. Most of my books come in today. Yay….

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I think if I could go back to pick a major, I would have chosen sociology. But whatever, let’s get this kinesiology degree over with.

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I think my nutrition professor is asking for too much. 7 exams, 1 optional final, 3 discussion boards (must answer initial question and respond to classmates 3 times), and a “nutrition service work” assignment accompanied with a written paper with proof I attended it.

It’s just intro into nutrition, what do you want from me?

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I totally forgot how exhausting school is. I only had 2 classes today, what on earth? But thank the Lord Most High that I’m in my third year!

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