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Tamako Love Story… where are your English subs? *CRIES*

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Yahoo needs to back off the Catholic church. Media skews so much stuff, I cannot stand it. But I can only smile and lift y’all up to The Lord, my God, and let Him handle you. My duty as a follower of Christ is— Love God with all your heart and love your neighbor as yourself. That’s the ultimate commandment.

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It was not a smart idea to open the window and sleep in the afternoon heat with the fan on. Even though it’s cool in the morning, it is too hot to sleep covered in a blanket passed noontime. *sigh*

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I’ve got a bad love-hate relationship with Ko-chan.

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My brother and I have been binge watching Hanasaku Iroha. I love Ohana. And I have conflicting feelings for Ko-chan. I’m gonna be on episode 16, but man at the moment, I loathe Ko-chan.

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I’ll tell you a secret, which isn’t really a secret. All I’m really looking for in a boyfriend is that he will love God with all his heart and… watch anime with me.

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I’ve got a side blog that has lots of potential, but it’s probably gonna lie there with my other horded URLs.

So my best friend, Tam Ann, has been going to school since she left the convent and two boys on her campus have already asked for her number. Haha, poor Tammie!

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Of course Nina Pham is a hero. I pray she stays strong through this.

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What kind of textbook gives you review questions and NO ANSWERS WHATSOEVER? Like, what not even the odd answers? Why are you publishers so ungenerous? “Oh it’s just Biomechanics, not like anyone will need the answers.” Is that what they were thinking?

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As much as I love parent parallels when shipping, I would not like the same thought applied to real life. Hahaha, not my life.

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My gosh, Sorachi totally loves Sacchan and Zenzou together. BUT DANG IT ALL SHE’S SUFFERING. MY SACCHAN!
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